Tottenham Hotspur Sky+HD Remote Control

Spurs fan? Get the ultimate accessory to control the game - our Tottenham Hotspur Sky+HD remote.

Tottenham Hotspur Sky+HD Remote Control
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Product description

Compatible with all Sky+HD boxes, this exclusive Tottenham football club branded remote lets you pause, rewind and record live TV so you don't need to miss a thing if you’re interrupted while watching a big game. You can also access recordings in your Planner, open up Catch Up for the shows you missed in the last seven days, buy or rent the latest movie releases in Sky Store, and depending on your package, download whole Sky Box Sets to watch the series everyone’s talking about.

Our official Football Club Sky+HD Remotes are also available in Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man City and Newcastle football club colours complete with team logo. Or if you love Frozen, step into the adventure with our exclusive Frozen Sky+HD Remote.

Product details

Length: 21.5cm, Width: 6cm, Depth: 2cm