Sky Microfilter

If your phone socket has a device connected to it, like your Sky Box, Sky Hub or phone, you’ll need to connect a microfilter to stop any interference. Each pack contains a master filter.

Sky Microfilter
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Product description

Stop any interference on your TV, computer or phone line with our Sky Microfilter. That way, you can watch award-winning dramas, comedy series and documentaries, go online and talk on the phone without any annoying interruptions.

A microfilter is a small white box with a phone lead or connector. It’ll stop interference between your broadband and other devices that use your phone line, like Sky boxes, phones and fax machines.

It’s really easy to use and once you’re all set up, you can say goodbye to slow internet speeds, an unreliable or intermittent broadband connection, and any noise or interference on the line when you’re using the phone.