LG 43 TV 43UH603V

Watch must-see shows in UHD on the LG Ultra HD 4K 43” TV.

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LG 43 TV 43UH603V
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Product description

The LG Ultra HD 4K 43” TV offers four times the picture quality of Full HD with Ultra HD 4K Resolution and HDR, great visual contrasting with LG’s innovative True Black Panel technology, and outstanding audio capabilities. All this and more is beautifully presented in LG’s cutting-edge design.

Ultra HD 4K Resolution

Get brilliant clarity and vivid details – even when you watch up-close. Ultra HD 4K delivers four times the Full HD resolution.

True Black Panel

The panel has an innovative anti-glare film that scatters harsh lights across the screen to reduce reflections so you can see new depths of darkness in your entertainment.

4K Streaming and Upscaling

HEVC decoding technology lets you stream 4K UHD entertainment and lifts standard definition entertainment to near 4K quality using LG’s unique 6-step 4K upscaler.

Swallow Stand

Place your LG TV on a stylish, metallic, two-pole swallow stand. Its sturdy construction lifts the TV and holds securely, wherever you place it in your home.

ULTRA Surround

This innovative sound technology creates seven virtual channels that produce the incredible multi-channel ULTRA Surround effect.


Enjoy clear and blur-free motions thanks to HEVC technology, which supports 4K video at 60 frames a second – the 4K broadcasting standard you can now experience with HDMI streaming.